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Emperor Stone Quartz Worktop Technical Data

All our quartz slabs are available in 20mm and 30mm thickness.

Water Absorption 0.03% - Classification: W4
Flexural Strength 40.2MPa - Classification: F4
Slip Resistance SRV dry: 47 - SRV wet: 12
Abrasion Resistance 23.4mm3 - Classification: A4
Freeze and Thaw Resistance Flexural strength loss: -3.5%
Thermal Shock Resistance Mass loss: 0.03% Flexural strength loss: -3.7%
Impact Resistance 9.06J (thickness: 30.1mm)
Chemical Resistance Classification: C4
Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient 16.28 10-6/°C
Dimensional Stability Classification: A
Apparent Density 2350kg/m3

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